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She told me that she loves me, but doesn’t want to be with me anymore

She told me that she loves me, but doesn’t want to be with me anymore

I broke up with my girlfriend a month ago. A year ago I cheated on her and kissed another girl and that’s it. She found out a month after the that and told me she wouldn’t break up with me and would try again. 5 months ago we started living together and after 4 months all went sideways. She told me she doesn’t want to be with me anymore and still feels hurt after that incident. I gave her space for 3-4 days and contacted her. Tried to be fun and make her laugh, but she told me yesterday that she feels hurt and its hurting more when she is talking to me and when I try to make her laugh and feel happy. What should I do ?

For one/two weeks ago she said she still had feelings for me, she asked me a lot about how everything is with me now, so I know she cares

You should apologize and be sincere about making things up to her. She may feel that you’re underplaying the situation and this makes her feel taken for granted, and like she doesn’t matter. She might not trust you at this point, and you’ll have to work on building that trust up in order to get her back to normal.

HI just broken up with my girlfriend of 7years for cheating on her how do I go about her back after she saying she never going to come back

Hi Kevin My ex of 2 years and half broke up with me on the 14th December, because she find out that I’m on dating website and I messaged one girl!

Give her some space to cool off and let go of the anger she has towards you. Start with No Contact and work on yourself before coming back later on to win her by proving to her that you’ve changed.

She think that I cheated on her when I didn’t , that website was a mistake to have it I shouldn’t have been on it on the first place, but honestly I didn’t cheated on her. Anyway she told me she don’t trust me anymore and she don’t want me anymore I did Begged and Pleaded Thursday all night and Friday all night with text and crying voicemail but she ignored me, I start the no contact rule I’m 10 days on it and I can’t stop think about her .. tomorrow is Xmas and I have got all her present and to do?? Please help me? What text message shall I send her after 30 days?? Many thanks for your help

You can refer to this article for more tips on how to text your ex again after the NC period.

Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me almost 2 months ago. She lost trust because I lied a couple of times about talking to some other girls. I’ve been visiting two other girls one time, but only as friends. She didn’t believe me because the two other girls said they were catching feelings for me so she thinks there were something more ryska brudar kostar. We’re in same class at school so we see each other all the time. Sometimes she’s mad at me and sometimes she’s not. The last couple of days we don’t talk so much, or only at school. But I feel she goes further away from me somehow. She’s telling me she wants to be friends, but I know I never can deal with that. I will do whatever it takes to win her back. I regret everything I’ve done and I know I will never do it again. I can see some of her friends talking to her about that their so glad she broke up with me and they’re so happy for her. I go in class with them too. It very hard. I stared recording myself one week after the break up, and I have done it everyday since then (40 days) where I talk about how much I want to have another chance etc. I’m gonna edit the videos and put them together Where I also will play a song I wrote for her. After New Year I will come to her house and show her the video. I feel that it will prove her how much I mean this and how much she means to me. What do you guys think?

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