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The Vortex isn’t your average local performing arts venue

The Vortex isn’t your average local performing arts venue

Check out what’s happening at The Vortex

From puppet operas to performance art pieces, every act that takes the stage at The Vortex is sure to be an unforgettably original oddity you and your date can bond over. The theatre also shares a lot with Butterfly Bar and Patrizi’s, so you can enjoy the weirdness with a side of house-made pasta and a couple of delightful cocktails.

“The space has evolved and become an absolute wonder. Patrizi’s is the tastiest. The drinks are yummy. There’s always a show in the theatre or outside. It’s a great, crafty bar for creatives and the curious alike.” – ver el enlace web Yelper Emily V

Scare the pants off of your date at Haunted ATX

Not literally. maybe. Haunted ATX t akes ghosts tours to a whole new level. Witness all of the spooky, haunted sites from the inside of a hearse. It’s the only mobile haunted hearse tour in Austin. In this tour, you’ll visit places all over Austin like the Tavern, Clay Pit, the Littlefield house and of course, the legendarily haunted Driskill Hotel. Who knows, a little bit of adrenaline might be just what this new romance needs to get kickin’.

“I took a first date on the Haunted ATX tour and we had a blast! What an awesome tour. Learning spooky facts about Austin was great! I’ve lived in Austin for 10 years and didn’t know 90% of the history. What a fun way to learn about Austin!” – Yelper Shaggy R

Go see a Drag Show

For a truly magical and unique date night, catch one of Austin’s best Drag Shows. Drag is the magical culmination of fashion, makeup, and queer identity. Breeding confidence and empowerment in the LGBTQ+ community, drag is reaching a new hype across the U.S., and Austin is no exception. A form of entertainment and art, Drag is bleeding into new spaces.

Go wild at the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo

This isn’t your average zoo experience. At Animal World, you can cozy up to gators, pythons, baby fennec foxes, and more. Book an animal encounter in advance for an experience you and your date are sure to remember. Or, depending on the date, plan to arrive in time for the feeding of the carnivores (daily at noon). The New Braunfels location is a bit of a trek, but if your crush is an animal lover, it’s totally worth the drive.

“This was such a fun date place. We were able to attend three of the events (You can look up their schedule ahead of time online); Little Safari, Tortoise Time, and White Lion feeding. The “White Lion feeding is a must see!” – Elite Yelper Anne C

Throw Axes with them at Urban Axes

A little bit of friendly competition is essential to a first date, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend you check out Urban Axes . Settle once and for all which of you could’ve been a really badass warrior in another life while drinking beer because, yes, this business centered around throwing axes is BYOB. Don’t worry, they make it safe.

“If you are looking for an awesome time, look no further! Urban Axes is awesome. This is a great spot for a date night with a little thrill.” – Elite Yelper Catalina M

Check out the Cathedral of Junk together

The Cathedral of Junk is exactly what it sounds like: a cathedral made of junk. That doesn’t make it any less impressive, though. Scraps of all conceivable origin have been painstakingly assembled into what is probably the most astounding collection of bric-a-brac ever. Nothing says “Austin couple out on a weird first date” quite like the Cathedral of Junk. If you’re looking for another weird and uniquely Austin spot to wander together, check out The Sekrit Theater, too.

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