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Some decent that never went anywhere and some that were just plain looking for sex or had serious issues

Some decent that never went anywhere and some that were just plain looking for sex or had serious issues

So back in 2014 when I was 21 I was in a on again off again toxic relationship and was trying to get over him and move on so I thought i’d give dating sites a crack

I’ve posted a few times on here about some of my creepy experiences, which have received some positive feedback so I thought I’d share another.

I wasn’t used to guys trying to trick me into sex, or leading me on or even how dating really worked (how many days after the date do I have to wait to text him?

I tried a few, met a few guys. I hadn’t dated since high school as I’d been in two long term relationships fairly close together with people that I had known for a while. As i’m sure you can imagine, I was clueless. ) After a few failed attempts to find someone, I thought I’d broaden my horizons and really try to find someone serious.

At the time I was talking to a couple of guys. The one that stood out was a really nice, if not slightly simple guy who I had a lot in common with, Liam. I didn’t want to put my eggs in one basket so I started talking to another guy that wasn’t really my type, physically or mentally, but he was smart and funny so I thought I’d see how things played out seeing as most of the guys that I pick based on gut feelings turn out to be terrible. This man who I nicknamed “guy” (can’t remember why now but it was a running joke between us) was very, very persistent and very cocky which I wasn’t really into, but he seemed like a cool guy on the other hand, was very knowledgeable, quick witted and prosseguir este site easy to talk to. We spoke on the phone a few times and it was a reasonably good experience but there was something about him I just didn’t really like. As I mentioned previously, he was quite cocky and used to do little annoying things like hang up without saying goodbye and had an arrogant, pushy demeanor. One day on the phone, I pulled him up on it and told him I believed that it was all a front and that he wasn’t that arrogant and he was a lot nicer than he let on. He told me that he had an ex girlfriend who broke up with him because he was “too much of a pushover” so he decided that women like guys that were on the arrogant side. I told him I didn’t at all, and I spoke to him because I felt there was something more than that to his personality. I also picked him up on little things in his profile such as not liking “fat chicks” and other things. I am a bigger girl so I asked him if that was a problem to which he responded that it wasn’t, he had just written that to make himself look better. I accepted his excuse and hoped for the best.

I decided I needed to try different kinds of men if I wanted to find someone so I gave guy a chance. He often suggested meeting at his place over pizza and movies, which I wasn’t quite comfortable with, so I suggested he come out to a club with a few friends which he declined and tried to convince me to come back to his place to which I wasn’t really keen on. After he clicked on that I wasn’t coming over to his house in the middle of the night, he suggested we go out for coffee.

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