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Reliable, Mature House Sitter – Loves to Take Care for Pets and Gardens

Reliable, Mature House Sitter – Loves to Take Care for Pets and Gardens

About this sitter

Greetings from Doris : ) I love taking care for pets: cats and dogs, gardening, and quiet places. I treat other people’s homes like my own: keeping it tidy, being responsible and reliable, and caring for animals – both cats and walking dogs. House-sitting can be any time from 2 weeks to 6 months, preferable in Canada, Japan, Argentina, Europe, or the USA. I am a passionate traveler – North America and Europe mostly. Since I retired I have had time to read, write and enjoy gardening and quiet life. I am taking care of pets and houses now for more than ten years and stay constantly in touch with email reports about the well-being of the pets. Please see the reviews below. If you are looking for a mature, responsible house and pet sitter, drop me a line! Looking forward to meeting you. Doris REVIEWS I can’t say enough about our excellent experience with Doris as our house sitter. Not only did she maintain excellent communication, both before, during and after our trip, but she also provided a wealth of information to help me with my future small business. Our animals received excellent care and were truly sad when she left. She welcomed us home with a much-needed snack and meals for the next two days! What a gem! House care ***** Garden care ***** Pet care ***** Communication *****

We were so fortunate to get Doris-Maria to pet sit and house sit for us this fall & winter! Even though our plans changed a bit, and hers changed a lot, it worked out perfectly for both of us! She is a fantastic pet caretaker – we have a 2-year-old German Shepherd cross that needed a lot of exercise and attention, and she had it covered! He never had it so good! Doris-Maria has taken care of our home better than we do, everything was clean, fridge stocked, pantry organized, and ready, for our return. She was diligent to keep in mulheres americanas quentes equatoriano touch via email and let us know how things were going back home. I would not hesitate to have her pet sit, and house sits for us again, nor would I hesitate to heartily recommend her to anyone with or without dogs to look after. Thank you, friend, Doris-Maria! House care ***** Garden care ***** Pet care ***** Communication *****


We were so happy to have Doris-Maria take care of our house and our three cats. We could spend 5 totally carefree weeks on holidays and on coming back we found a wonderfully organised house, three happy cats who quite visibly adored her. Doris-Maria quickly found her way around the house and in the city, she is such an interesting person to exchange with and she finds solutions whenever there is an unusual situation. We very warmly recommend her for both house sitting and pet sitting ! Organised ***** Reliable ***** Self-sufficient ***** Tidy ***** Pet care *****

Doris-Maria left my house sparkling clean and even replaced some food items that had aged-out while I was away, so I have fresh milk and eggs. She seems very kind and caring. My cat was quite unfriendly to her, alas, only deigning to let her pet him a couple of times. I don’t know how to convince him that his life would be better if he wasn’t so snooty! My only issue with Doris-Maria is that she doesn’t have a phone — she communicates only via email – and replies right away. Organised ***** Reliable ***** Self-sufficient ***** Tidy ***** Pet care *****

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