We’re 2 yrs and 6months in a relationship with my ex when I cheated on him with my workmate

We’re 2 yrs and 6months in a relationship with my ex when I cheated on him with my workmate

We are texting and chatting with my workmate while without me knowing that my boyfriend is reading them, I deleted all our conversations and sadly he did not read the part where I said to my workmate to stop because I love my boyfriend so much

Hi, I don’t know how to start this but I really messed up. My workmate tries to court me but i am not really into him. Still that will not change the fact that I cheated on him and tries to hide it from him. I see how hurt he was. It really hurts me seeing him so much in pain because of me. I beg him to give me a second chance and he got really mad and I realize that I was being too selfish that time. I don’t want to lose him and I want to wait for him. I want to ask for help how I can gain back his trust?

So i have stopped contact with her last wednesday and shes told me shes really into the new guy and told me how attractive he is and he shows he cares for her

First give him some space and let him cool off, before trying to reach out and let him know the entire situation. If measures require you to do so, perhaps even attempt to retrace your old messages to show him that you were trying to cut things off.

Hey kevin Please dont judge me.. So me and my ex wife seperated in april because she found out through my sister that i had seen somone in e day she left and went to live with her parents . her parents wanted us to try one more time but she said she doesnt want to get back with me yet she didnt want to lose me because a was a big part of her life. . So she told me we shouldnt see each other no more because she doesnt want to hurt him by talking to me or seeing me because he is a nice guy..(back story.. ! I regret beeaking her trust she took me back all those times and now its gorgeousbrides.net referens done i dont blame her i blame myself for my actions.) I really love her and i know i can change i did cry and beg her a few time. Just last week we were tickling each other and play fighting and she even laid on my chest(which felt so amazing wish time would have stopped forever then)but now shes doeant want me seeing her no more cuz she really wants to give this guy a chance he even told her he wants something serious with her. i need help i really do love her and want a future with her we planned alot together. But now thats just memories. what should i do..

Perhaps it would be best to give her some space for now and let her do what she wants because even if she gets back together with you at this point, she may not have fully let go of the times you’ve hurt her and this may come back and haunt your relationship later on. A fresh start would be needed and this would be a good time to actually go about and make positive changes in your life. At least by doing so, you give her more of a reason to come back when she feels a little more convinced that you’ve changed.

She really wants a divorce to change her name and well yea.. What are my chances if there even is a chance ? Ive been writing in my journal, exercising and hanginhmg with friends to try to get my mind of her not being next to me. Thanks for the response kevin.

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