Why Changing Your Bed Sheet Helps You Sleep Better

Tunde Aladeloba || Emmanuel Chukwunenye || 02-09-2022

Getting a good night sleep regularly is a key part of staying healthy. But did you know that sleeping on clean sheets can also help you sleep better? One of the ways we can have a good sleep is to regularly have clean bedsheets at home. Cleaning your bed sheets will help you sleep better, says an editor with real homes, as there is a link between your sleep hygiene and the condition of your bed sheet.

In recent research by Sleep Junkie, respondents who wash their sheets or change them an average of 14 days are more satisfied with their sleep. Your bedsheet is a fundamental factor in your sleep routine, because of the amount of time you should spend sleeping at night.

Prevents Poor Smell

Eight hours of sleeping, tossing, and drooling every night in bed seems fine in the early days of using a new sheet until our sense of smell begins to perform its work. Old or dirty sheets can begin to have an unpleasant smell, getting your brain irritated and keeping you from sleeping well. Most respondents when asked about an unchanged bedsheet disclosed that they become more comfortable sleeping on a bare mattress than using a dirty bed sheet as a mattress cover because of the unpleasant smell. A clean sheet comes with a favorable smell that makes it easier to fall asleep, once you jump into bed.

Prevents Itching and Irritations

Irritations and itchiness from unclean sheets can also get in the way of a good night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than dealing with ugly irritations as you are trying to sleep at night. You go from a little scratching to turning, making a mess of the whole sheet then standing up to take a shower and the cycle begins again. Sometimes you don’t always need a shower to have a good night’s sleep; it might just be time to change your bed sheet. The bacteria that grow on a dirty bed sheet are capable of producing acne, and other skin irritations which will keep you from having a long fulfilling sleep at night.

Improves Quality of Air

One of the benefits of a clean sheet is that it helps improve the air quality through the night. You are not having to inhale dust and other particles that will keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. How do you enjoy your night sleep, when you can have clean air through the night because of dust particles accumulated from a bed sheet you have not changed in weeks. A clean bed sheet can improve your sleep, health, and productivity, so, get yourself a clean sheet to have a clean atmosphere as you retire to bed every night.

A Productive Morning

Waking up on a clean sheet can help you with the right start to the day. You feel more energetic, relaxed because you had a deep and satisfying sleep without being disturbed by irritations or the unpleasant smell of a dirty sheet. Moreover, opening your eyes from the bed is the first thing you do every day, and you should start your day with a clean sheet, not the one that could get you irritated to start your day. A study by a sleep jury showed that people who change their bed sheets regularly are reported with more productivity during the day.

As you can see, dirty sheets could be the reason that you can’t sleep! If you’re looking to improve your quality of sleep and quality of life, consider changing your sheets regularly.

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